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The Fifth International Chemical Safety Technology And Equipment Exhibition In 2019

Dec 21, 2018

Time of the fifth China international chemical safety technology and equipment exhibition 2019: August 21-23, 2019 venue: Shanghai new international expo center (no. 2345, longyang road)

Sponsor: China chemical enterprise management association, China chemical machinery power technology association, guangdong petroleum and chemical industry association, guangdong chemical society

Partners: China chlor-alkali industry association, Shanghai chemical industry association, Shanghai paint and dye industry association, Shanghai chemical industry (China) council

Organizers: zhenwei exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou zhenwei international exhibition co., LTD., duande exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD

Exhibition background:

China has become the world's largest producer of chemical products, and the safety of production in the chemical industry has always attracted great attention from the society and the public.At present, China's chemical industry is still in the period of rapid development, the scale of production is expanding day by day, complex technology and large-scale production equipment are widely used, how to improve the level of essential safety of chemical enterprises has become a very important topic.However, China's chemical safety foundation is weak, and the awareness of sheng over safety has not been fundamentally changed, resulting in frequent accidents, and the situation of chemical safety production is still severe and complex.Therefore, strengthening the safety production management of chemical enterprises and realizing the safe development of China's chemical industry are the clear requirements of China, the ardent expectations of the general public and the responsibilities of chemical enterprises.

European and American countries in the long-term development of chemical industry from many tragic accident lessons to realize the importance of chemical process safety, and has given rise to a series of laws and regulations on the management of process safety and analysis method and technology, become the effective means to prevent the accident, make the incidence of chemical enterprise has remained steady at lower levels.

In July 2013, the jia the supervision and administration of production safety administration issued "on the guidance of" strengthening the safety management in chemical process, specifically to learn from international advanced chemical process safety management ideas and technology, promote chemical enterprises to speed up to establish scientific modern chemical enterprise safety management system, continuously improve the ability of security.Through the successful holding of this seminar, more advanced experience of process safety management will be absorbed and digested, so as to promote the continuous improvement of production safety in China's chemical industry, curb serious and major accidents and inject new impetus into the safe development.

The fifth China international chemical safety technology and equipment exhibition will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from August 21 to 23.Welcome!

Exhibition publicity and promotion activities:

Extensive media publicity: through professional magazines, newspapers, Internet, new media and other timely release of exhibition advertising and information.

Exhibition publicity: participate in relevant exhibitions throughout the country. Widely distribute information. Attract potential users. Expand the exhibition publicity.

Invitation from the organizer: invite industry associations and organizations through the unique platform of the organizer, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to organize professionals to attend the exhibition.

Send tickets: issue 100,000 tickets/exhibition invitation letters through various channels.

Scope of exhibition:

Chemical safety testing, monitoring technology and equipment: detection and alarm equipment, anti-corrosion coating detector, non-destructive detection equipment, leakage detection technology and equipment.

Safety technology and equipment for chemical storage and transportation: chemical canning device, safe storage and transportation device, measuring instrument, etc.Safety technology and equipment for chemical pipeline transportation;Fang treatment technology and equipment for chemical transport vehicle accidents.

Chemical safety production information system: chemical safety production management system, emergency management system of sudden chemical accidents, intelligent inspection information system, digital safety management system;Information and communication technology and equipment;Chemical storage and transportation process information system.

Chemical automation control system: intelligent instrument, programmable controller (PLC), distributed control system (DCS), emergency shutdown system (esd), safety instrument system (sis);Sound and light alarm, emergency interlock stop control system;Production data real-time acquisition and monitoring system;Toxic and harmful gas leakage detection and alarm device;Vsat (wei xing small data station) communication, scada system, GPS wei xing positioning system.

Chemical explosion-proof electrical technology and equipment: explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof instrument, explosion-proof communication equipment, explosion-proof alarm equipment, explosion-proof apparatus, barrier explosion-proof device, electricity-proof and lightning proof device.

Emergency rescue technology and equipment for chemical production safety: automatic water spraying facilities, foam extinguishing facilities, emergency fire truck, portable emergency fire fighting equipment;Mobile emergency platform, low-altitude information acquisition aircraft, intelligent robot;Emergency rescue medical equipment.

Personal protective equipment: flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, flame retardant anti-static clothing, chemical protective clothing, anti-acid and alkali clothing;Dust respirator (particle respirator), air respirator;Anti-static gloves, anti-chemical gloves, acid-alkali gloves;Anti-static working shoes, acid-alkali shoes;Safety helmet;Eye washers, escape devices, emergency lighting and other facilities.

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