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The 9th China (Shanghai) International Food Packaging Machinery And Food Processing Equipment Exhibition

Jul 16, 2018

Food industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy.With the improvement of people on diet culture and hotel, restaurant and other catering business, to the prosperity of meat products and the quality of the food and beverage and security issues are also increasingly brought to the attention of the society from all walks of life, directly led to the demand of the relevant food machinery as well as China's food machinery industry market provides a valuable opportunity for development.

The exhibition profiles

Exhibition introduction:

2018 Shanghai has successfully held several sessions of food packaging machinery exhibition and a huge success, the exhibition attracted from more than 40 countries and regions in the world for more than two hundreds of meat processing, food machinery and packing industry outstanding supplier and tens of thousands of professional buyers to come to the exhibition.To better promote the meat processing, food machinery and packing industry development and cooperation, promote the meat processing, food machinery and packaging technology at home and abroad enterprises and meat processing, food and beverage manufacturers win-win cooperation.It will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from August 29 to 31, 2018.

Exhibition overview:

Organized by Shanghai new trails exhibition service co., LTD. China (Shanghai) food machinery and Packaging exhibition China (Shanghai) food machinery & Packaging exhibition, promote the development of food industry upgrading in China, to promote food safety in our country under the background of inoculation.And with "China (Shanghai) international high-end import and export food and beverage exhibition", there is an industrial chain supply and demand relationship, which provides a congenital condition for trade and exchange.

With the development of China's food industry to catch food four engineering (rest assured food, green food, functional food and specialty engineering) and nine big base (meat processing, convenient food and functional food and beverage manufacturing survey, aquatic product processing, fruit and vegetable processing base, condiment production, sugar, baking and sugar products, food additives, base construction, to promote the development of the modernization of the traditional food industry upgrading, the food machinery and packaging equipment more the demand of the new generation will produce an unprecedented growth.

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