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Industrial Explosion Protection Technology Innovation Alliance 2018-2021

Nov 01, 2018

IFMCGM is based in northeast China university (shenyang).The society was officially registered in the ministry of civil affairs on June 5, 1996, and directly under the China association for science and technology.

The institute covers a wide range of disciplines, and is an important area of common concern for science, technology and industry in various countries.In the production process of metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, building materials, military industry, energy, agriculture, aerospace, environmental protection, medicine, materials and other fields, it is generally used to grind massive materials into powder to speed up chemical reaction, improve efficiency and facilitate transportation to achieve the purpose of high efficiency, energy saving and safety.The application of ultrafine powder will make breakthrough in the fields of medicine, medicine, new materials and national defense.But because the powder properties different from gas, solid, liquid, so someone is referred to as the "fourth" material, its detection and control laws are is different with conventional methods, powder feature detection has become the key problems of the application of powder can be very good, with electronics, laser, ultrasonic and other related physical properties, research various detection sensor is also the important research content of this field.Powder detection and control directly affect the output and quality of products. Therefore, many countries regard it as a significant development technology investment in human and financial resources, which has become a hot research topic concerned by many experts and scholars in the field of detection technology and control.

In order to make the powder detection and control in the field of international academic exchange activities can be organized and orderly, Northeastern University, in 1988 the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Chile, Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, azerbaijan and other 18 countries and related academic organizations in colleges and universities jointly sponsored and established the committee on international conference on powder detection and control (PCICONMCGM), formed in 1991 after apply to the China association for science and technology for the international federation of inspect and control the powder (IFMCGM) ",Subject to the approval of the state science and technology commission, the ministry of metallurgy and the China association for science and technology, etc., the report shall be submitted to the state council (guo ke fa wai zi [1995] no. 122).In May 1995, the state council approved the establishment of the "international powder testing and control federation" (national office [1995] no. 9) and registered with the ministry of civil affairs in June 1996.In September 1997, IFMCGM was officially announced to international scholars in shenyang, China.

From August 1988 to November 2016, the society held 13 international academic conferences in this field in China, which received the positive response and participation of nearly 2,000 scholars from various countries, and published over 1200 papers, vigorously promoting the development of technology and industry in the international powder technology field.The development level of China's powder technology and technology industry has surpassed the international advanced ranks.According to the constitution of the society, four general meetings have been successfully held, and the election of the fourth council was completed in November 2016.Under the leadership of the new council, the institute has made great progress and made a good international impact.

In addition to regularly organizing international academic exchanges in the field of powder detection and control, the federation will also establish an international academic journal of powder detection and control, as the journal of the federation, international powder, and make new efforts to promote international academic exchanges in powder detection and control and enhance friendly exchanges among scholars from various countries


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