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Factors To Be Considered When Choosing The Type Of Blasting Chip

Jun 09, 2017

1. Pressure. The common positive-arch type blasting piece is made of single-layer plastic metal material, the concave side toward the medium, and the bursting of the explosive plate after overloading the container, which is suitable for Yu Jing load medium pressure or high pressure. The reverse-arch-type blasting piece is made of a single-layer plastic metal material, and the convex side is oriented to the medium, which causes destabilization damage after loading. The unstable flip is installed on the original concave tool cut or the whole piece is ejected. Because of its unstable blasting pressure is not sensitive to fatigue, it is suitable for pressure vessel under pulsating load. The slotted positive-arch type blasting piece is composed of two common normal arch-type blasting pieces with the same curvature, and the concave is inverted toward the medium. A piece of metal or non-metallic material that is exposed to media corrosion, do not open slot, another piece made of metal materials, arch-type part of a number of penetrating slots, slots along the radial distribution, at both ends of the small hole, through the changes in the density of slots can be adjusted blasting pressure. This kind of blasting piece is suitable for medium and high pressure static load, medium has corrosive container.

2. Temperature. The effect of high temperature on metal material and sealing film.

3. Use the occasion. Before the safety valve is used, the blasting piece can not be broken after blasting; for the corrosive medium, the material of the blasting piece should be indicated, or the positive-arched explosive film with non-metallic Protective film is covered on the contact surface of the corrosive medium.

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