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Installation And Use Of Blasting Tablets

Jun 09, 2017

The connecting pipe of the blasting piece and the container should be straight pipe, the resistance should be small, and the sectional area of the pipe channel shall not be less than the blasting area.

The discharge pipeline of the blasting piece should be installed as vertically as possible, avoiding the close space or closed recovery system of nearby equipment and operators. The outlet piping should be of sufficient diameter and support to consider the recoil and vibration of the blasting. When the medium is flammable, poisonous or poisonous, it shall be taken to a safe place for proper handling. The discharge pipe diameter should not be less than the discharge caliber of the bursting piece, and the measure of not being blocked by the fragment.

When the blasting piece is used as a relief device alone, the inlet pipe of the blasting piece is provided with a shut-off valve. Shut-off valve should be in the open state plus seals.

The blasting piece should be cleaned during installation and inspected for breakage, rust, bubble and slag. The nameplate should be facing the discharge side.

When the bursting piece is used in series before the safety valve, a pressure gauge and a vent valve shall be arranged between the bursting piece and the safety valve. The pressure gauge and the vent valve can be arranged on the clamping device of the blasting unit, which should be explained when ordering;

During operation, the blasting device should be inspected frequently for leakage and abnormality.

The blasting piece should be replaced periodically, and the replacement period shall be determined by the Unit in accordance with the actual situation of the unit. If the blasting pressure is not approved, it should be replaced.

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