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Characteristics Of Anti-arch Ring Groove Type Bursting Plate

Jun 09, 2017

Maximum working pressure can not exceed 0.9 times times of minimum blasting pressure

Blasting along the weakening groove rupture, no debris, good fatigue resistance.

The clamping force is insufficient or the blasting piece arch surface damage, may cause the blasting pressure to reduce obviously, the serious will cause the discharge outlet to be unable to open, installs specially to be careful.

Suitable for gas and liquid-phase flat-plate slot-shaped bursting tablets (PC) Shan flat-plate slot (PC) features

The blasting pressure is mainly determined by groove depth, which is difficult to manufacture, especially for low pressure small caliber manufacturing.

The maximum working pressure of the flat groove type is not more than 0.5 times times of the minimum blasting pressure.

Bursting along the weakening groove, no fragmentation, no requirement for use, poor fatigue resistance

The peripheral clamping force is insufficient, easy to cause the periphery loose to fall off, causes the bursting pressure to drop, appears the fragment. As long as the minor injury does not occur in the groove, the bursting pressure will not change significantly.

Suitable for gas and liquid media

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