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Operation Method Of Opening Pressure Adjustment Of Safety Valve

Jun 09, 2017

① Before the safety valve is out of the factory, adjust the setting value of the opening pressure to the user's requirement. If the user puts forward the spring work pressure level, according to the general should according to the pressure level lower limit value adjustment factory.

② The user must reconfigure the safety valve before installing it on the protected device or before installation to ensure that the setting pressure value of the relief valve meets the requirements.

③ In the nameplate indicated by the spring work pressure level range, through the rotation adjustment screw change the spring compression quantity, can adjust to the opening pressure.

④ Before adjusting the screw, the inlet pressure of the valve should be lowered to under 90% of the opening pressure to prevent the disc from being driven to rotate when the screw is rotated so as to damage the sealing surface.

⑤ In order to ensure the opening pressure value is accurate, should make the adjustment medium condition, like the medium type, the temperature and so on as close to the actual operating condition. The change in the type of media, especially when the medium is not at the same time (for example, from the liquid phase to the gas phase), the opening pressure often changes. When the working temperature increases, the opening pressure generally decreases. Therefore, at room temperature adjustment and used for high temperature, the setting pressure at room temperature should be slightly higher than the required opening pressure value. High to what degree and valve structure and material selection are related, should be based on the manufacturer's instructions.

⑥ The general safety valve is used for fixing the additional backpressure, when the opening pressure is adjusted after testing (at this time, the back pressure is atmospheric pressure), the setting value should be the required opening pressure value minus the additional back pressure value.

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