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Operation Method Of Relief Valve Discharge And Back Seat Pressure Adjustment

Jun 09, 2017

① To adjust the valve discharge pressure and the back seat pressure, the valve must be fully open to the height of the action test, therefore, only on the large-capacity test device or the safety valve installed on the protected equipment can be carried out. The adjustment method varies according to the valve structure.

② For the structure with recoil disc and seat regulating ring, the seat regulating ring is used to adjust. Unscrew the adjustment ring to fix the screw, from the exposed screw hole extension person a fine iron rod and other tools, you can toggle the gear on the adjustment ring, so that the adjustment circle around. When the adjusting circle rotates counterclockwise, its position increases, and the discharge pressure and the back seat pressure will decrease. Conversely, when the adjustment circle to the right clockwise rotation, the position of the lower, discharge pressure and back seat pressure will be increased. Each time adjustment, adjust: circle rotation of the amplitude should not be too large (generally rotating several teeth can). After each adjustment should be fixed screws, so that the end part of the adjustment ring between the two teeth in the groove, not only to prevent the adjustment of the circle rotation, but also to the adjustment of the circle to generate radial pressure. For safety reasons, the inlet pressure of the safety valve should be lowered properly before adjusting the coil (generally less than 90% of the opening pressure) to prevent sudden opening of the valve during the adjustment, causing an accident.

③ For the structure with upper and lower regulating ring (guide sleeve and valve seat each have a regulating ring), its adjustment is more complicated. The seat control ring is used to change the size of the channel between the disc and the regulating ring, thereby altering the size of the chamber's build-up of pressure between the disc and the regulating ring when the valve is initially opened. When the seat adjustment ring is raised, the degree of pressure build-up increases, thereby reducing the opening phase of the valve to a sudden burst of rapid opening. Therefore, the increase of the seat control ring can reduce the discharge pressure. It should be noted that the seat control ring should not be elevated to too close to the disc. That way, the leakage of the seal surface may cause the valve to open prematurely, but because the media pressure is not enough at this time to keep the disc in the open position, the disc is then closed, so the valve occurs frequency hopping. Seat adjustment: The ring is mainly used to reduce the valve ratio, opening stage and regulating the discharge pressure, but also on the back seat pressure.

The upper regulating ring is used to change the light-tubes angle of the flowing medium after the disc is reflected, thereby changing the size of the fluid force so as to adjust the pressure of the back seat. When the upper regulating ring is raised, the bending angle decreases and the hydrodynamic force decreases, thus increasing the pressure of the back seat. Conversely, when the upper regulating ring is lowered, the pressure of the back seat decreases. Of course, the upper regulating ring at the same time changing the back seat pressure, but also affect the discharge pressure, that is, increase the regulation ring to increase the emission pressure, reduce the upper regulating ring to reduce the discharge pressure, but the degree of impact is not as obvious as the back seat pressure.

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