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Yangzi Petrochemical's 100,000-ton EVA project officially opened

Mar 14, 2018

On February 28, Nanjing Yangzi’s 100,000-ton/year EVA project was contracted by Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd. After one-and-a-half months of preparatory work, the project department organized a civil engineering, water supply and drainage management team on site, following the principle of thrift and efficiency. . The owners, general contractors, supervision, and participating units were invited to attend the meeting.

The project consists of three parts, which are divided into EVA main installations, public utilities and supporting facilities in the area, public works and auxiliary facilities outside the area, and the construction contract is 225.09 million yuan. The project has the characteristics of large workload, high number of imported high-pressure equipment, high pipeline pressure, high construction accuracy, and tight schedule.

The opening trade union emphasized that this project is a key project of the group company and Yangzi Petrochemical, and it is also a major project of Yangzi Petrochemical in recent years. The group company requires the project to be standardized, digitized, informatized, and modularized, and is a follow-up refinery project for Yangzi Petrochemical. The establishment of a model. The Project Department stated that it will “pay attention to what the urgency of the owner is eager to think of the owner” and go all out to organize the construction tasks of the project to ensure that the project is safe, high-quality, and high-quality to realize CCCC and strive for national quality projects.

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