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Yan'an Coal & Gas Resources Comprehensive Utilization Project Commissioning Commissioning

Apr 27, 2018

 At present, during the golden period of construction, Yan'an Nenghua is fully seizing the progress of commissioning and commissioning, ensuring that the entire process will reach the target of qualified chemical products smoothly on June 30th.

On April 22, the successful trial of the propylene compressor turbine of the Yanan Nengshi Coal Gasification Purification Plant marked a major step toward the 6.10 commissioning node of the coal gasification and purification plant.

At 1445 hours, everything was ready. The coal gasification and purification center under the guidance of the start-up machine, the on-site tester started the start-up button, the steam turbine started to rotate slowly, and started to slowly increase the speed, reaching the normal speed of 600 turns and jumping, and the central control site was reset to continue. Turn to 600 rpm, warm up for 10 minutes, the parameters are normal, 2400 rpm, warm up for 30 minutes, the parameters are normal, in strict accordance with the impulse curve, the final speed test after 7464 revolutions / minute (rpm) after the normal trip, At 17:30, it was smoothly stopped. The testers from all parties cheered and the turbine single test was successfully completed.

The propylene compressor is the core equipment of the chiller unit of the purification plant. It provides a source of cold for each cryogenic unit of the cryogenic methanol wash unit. The turbine uses a full-condensing turbine structure and is driven by a medium pressure steam of 3.85 MPa. The success of this single-cycle test was the day and night fighting between the center project team and ELLIOTT manufacturers' technicians, process technicians, and equipment technicians. They were qualified from the oil transport and the medium-pressure steam targeting to the interlocking condition test. Normal, start-up condition testing, etc.

The Yanan coal and gas resources comprehensive utilization project mainly includes 1.8 million tons/year of methanol, 600,000 tons/year of methanol deep processing, 400,000 tons/young oil processing and utilization, 450,000 tons/year of polyethylene, and 250,000 tons/year of polypropylene, etc. As for the installation and supporting public and auxiliary projects, the estimated total investment is 21.6 billion yuan.

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