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Working principle of bursting disc

Oct 25, 2018

Working principle of bursting disc

The bursting disc device is a pressure relief device that cannot be closed repeatedly. It is started by the static pressure at the entrance and the pressure is released through the rupture of the pressure diaphragm.

Simply speaking, it is a one-time pressure relief device. At the set blasting temperature, when the pressure difference between the two sides of the bursting disc reaches a predetermined value, the bursting disc can move (break or fall off) and discharge the fluid.


Characteristics of bursting disc

(1) applicable to slurry, viscous and corrosive process media, in which case the safety valve does not work

(2) small inertia and rapid response to sharply rising pressure

(3) in case of fire or other accidents, the bursting disc can be used as additional pressure relief device after the main pressure relief device is opened

(4) tight and free of leakage, suitable for pressure vessels containing expensive or toxic media

(5) multiple specifications and models, which can be manufactured with various materials, have strong adaptability

(6) easy to maintain and replace

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