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The way in which a bomb is released

Jun 30, 2018

When the dust precipitator is located outside, a safe place is needed for the discharge of the detonator.For example, if there is no other production equipment and artificial channels around the explosive release plate, the explosive release plate can only be used as the explosive release device when there is enough space for the release of pressure.

When the dust precipitator is located in the indoor area, the explosion pressure needs to be led to the outdoor safety area through the pressure relief catheter for explosion relief.Using pressure tube explosion, in accordance with the relevant standards of pressure pipe length, Angle of the pressure conduit, the size of the pressure piping, and have the maximum explosion pressure of pressure conduit requirements and factors such as design and layout.When Explosion conditions do not permit, Flameless Vent or Explosion Suppression technologies and equipment are used.

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