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The United States will impose anti-dumping duties on PET imports from five countries or regions

Apr 23, 2018

According to reports, the US Department of Commerce is expected to impose anti-dumping duties on PET imports from five countries or regions on April 30th.

Xavier Cronin, a market analyst at a consulting firm, stated in his April 16 report that preliminary anti-dumping duties will be levied on PET imports from South Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Brazil. According to statistics, PET imported from these countries or regions accounts for 42% of all US PET imports in 2017.

US PET manufacturers DAK Americas LLC, Thailand Indolama (US), United States M&G Polymers, and South Asia Plastics (United States) claim that the price of PET resin imported from these five countries or regions is lower than the fair price for the United States. The domestic industry caused substantial damage.

The PET resins in these countries or regions continued to enter the US market rapidly in the first half of 2017. Due to the continuous increase in the number of cheap imported goods, the state of the domestic industry was affected. As a result of imports, the American manufacturer’s sales losses and prices were low, which in turn caused the financial situation to deteriorate.

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