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The status of the bursting disc

Aug 10, 2018

For the anti-arch grooved bursting disc, if the bursting disc is blasted ahead of schedule, the blasting cracking pattern will be bad due to low blasting pressure and insufficient blasting energy, and sometimes the semi-open, open or even not open, which cannot guarantee the effective safety discharge area.

Through experiments in the table below when insufficient clamping force on the arch blasting burst pressure, the influence of test selection model for blasting of YC102-1.15-20 products, blasting materials for NI201, design of blasting pressure 1.15 MPa, blasting tolerance + / - 5%, design of blasting temperature 20 ℃.


  • The following figure shows the blasting status of the test bursting disc


The test shows that when the mounting torque is reduced from 30n. m to 8n. m, the bursting pressure of the bursting disc drops by 29.8%, and when the torque is reduced to 8n. m, the blasting energy is reduced due to the reduction of bursting pressure, which leads to the unqualified blasting form.

Insufficient clamping force or uneven in blasting is arch and flat piece of performance on the one hand, for the influence of the effect on the burst pressure, on the other hand, because is arched or tablet form blasting whole under tensile stress under working state, so the clamping force is insufficient or uneven situation is serious, the blasting out along the clamping surface, mass blasting slice of the overall loss, rupture disk failure (figure 5).For some this state of blasting in the take off of work may not happen, but in the blasting demolition, due to the effect of inertia force of the blasting in an instant, blasting slices of whole or partial loss, debris, does not conform to the requirements of certain types of debris when blasting piece of blasting, and fly out of the debris could cause personnel injury or equipment damage.

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