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The selection principle of safety valve

Jun 09, 2017

1. Steam Boiler safety Valve, the general choice opens the full opening type Spring safety valve 0490 series;

2. The liquid medium uses the relief valve, generally chooses the micro-opening type Spring safety valve 0485 series;

3. The air or other gas medium uses the safety valve, generally selects the full opening type spring safety valve;

4. LPG car tanker or liquefied petroleum gas railway tanker with safety valve, general selection of the full opening type of built-in safety valve;

5. The safety valve for oil well exits, and the pilot type safety valve is generally selected;

6. Steam Power Equipment high-pressure bypass safety valve, general selection of safety and control dual function of the pilot type safety valve

7. If the safety valve is required to be opened periodically, the safety valve with lifting wrench should be selected. When the medium pressure reaches more than 75% of the opening pressure, a lift wrench can be used to lift the disc from the seat slightly to check the flexibility of the safety valve opening;

8. If the medium temperature is high, in order to reduce the temperature of the spring chamber, generally when the closed safety valve use temperature exceeding 300 Shan and open type safety valve use temperature of more than 350 Shan, should choose the safety valve with radiator;

9. If the back pressure of the relief valve is changed, the change is more than 10% of the opening pressure, the corrugated pipe safety valve should be selected;

10. If the medium is corrosive, the bellows should be selected to prevent the failure of important parts due to corrosion by the medium.

11. Safety valve installation and maintenance should pay attention to the following matters construction, installation points 1), installation location, height, import and export direction must conform to the design requirements, note that the direction of the flow of media and valve body marked arrow direction, the connection should be firmly close. 2), the valve must be installed before the appearance inspection, the valve nameplate should conform to the current national standard "universal Valve sign" GB 12220. For the work pressure is greater than 1.0 MPa and in the main pipe to cut off the role of the valve, should be installed before the strength and tightness can be tested, qualified after the use. Strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times times the nominal pressure, the duration is not less than 5min, valve shell, filler should be no leakage for qualified. In tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times times the nominal pressure, and the duration of the test meets the GB 50243 requirement. 1. All kinds of safety valve should be installed vertically.

12. There should be no resistance in the exit of the relief valve to avoid pressure.

13. The safety valve should be specially tested and checked for tightness before installation.

14. The safety valve in use should be regularly inspected.

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