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The relationship between the actuating pressure of the pressure relief device and the design pressure of the container

Nov 15, 2018

1. Definition of operating pressure of discharge device

The operating pressure of the relief valve -- also known as the setting pressure Pset of the relief valve, is the pressure when the relief valve begins to appear continuous bubbles.

Relief pressure of safety valve -- also known as full open pressure of safety valve P open, generally 1.1pset for gas phase relief valve;The pressure is the pressure used in the calculation formula of relief valve area.

Action pressure of bursting disc -- design blasting pressure for bursting disc.

Pressure release of bursting disc -- Pbmax, the maximum permissible blasting pressure of this type of bursting disc;Is the pressure used in calculating the discharge area of the bursting disc.

Pbmax= design blasting pressure + deviation in manufacturing range + deviation in blasting tolerance

2. Relationship between discharge pressure of discharge device and vessel design pressure

The overpressure of the device is caused by fire and external heat source

U such as installing a safety valve, relief valve setting pressure must not exceed container design, allows the discharge of the relief valve pressure pressure (full open) not more than 10% of the container design pressure or 10 kpa both larger value, allowing motion after container pressure relief valve can be increased, but higher maximum not exceed 10% of the container design pressure or increase the value of 10 kpa.

When the bursting disc is installed, the designed bursting pressure of the bursting disc cannot meet the design pressure of the container, and the discharge pressure (maximum bursting pressure) of the bursting disc is allowed to not exceed 10% of the design pressure of the container or 10KPa, both of which are large values.

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