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The impact of collision and damage on the properties of bursting disc

Sep 06, 2018

The impact of collision and damage on the performance of the anti-arch bursting disc is most obvious. When the bursting disc is damaged in the process of storage, handling, installation and use, the bursting pressure or fatigue resistance of the bursting disc will be reduced.

Choose model for blasting of YC102-1.15-20 products 4 pieces with different degrees of injury test (figure 1), blasting materials for NI201, design of blasting pressure 1.15 MPa, blasting tolerance + / - 5%, design of blasting temperature 20 ℃, sampling test blasting pressure is 1.14 MPa.



figure 1 The bursting disc is damaged in different degreesfigure 2 Cracking pattern after blasting

Striking the center of the arch surface of the bursting disc with sharp hard objects, the damaged product is shown in FIG. 9. No. 1 deforms seriously, with large damage, no. 2 deforms little, with small damage.

The product was raised to about 1.5m and landed freely. The simulated product was not picked up and damaged on the ground. After the bursting disc was damaged, it was shown in figure 1.

Blasting test results after damage are shown in figure 2:

No. 1 suffered great damage, and the blast pressure was 0.68mpa. When it was not opened, the blast pressure decreased by 40.4%, which was seriously reduced.

No. 2 was slightly damaged, and the blast pressure was 0.94MPa, which was fully open. The blast pressure decreased by 17.5%, which was a small decrease.

At the top of no. 3 damage, the blasting pressure was 0.72mpa, but it was not opened.No. 4 damage is on the side. The blasting pressure is 1.0mpa. It is fully open.

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