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The effect of operating temperature on the properties of bursting disc

Aug 15, 2018

The influence of temperature on the rupture disk performance is mainly manifested in the constant pressure airtight container, this kind of equipment for the power industry of the most common use of GIS combination electric equipment, transformers, etc., as the insulation and arc extinguishing effect, equipment general provisions in the filling is not lower than the specified pressure sulfur hexafluoride gas, and the equipment is used for outdoor is also more, and the service life of the general requirements of equipment in more than 20 years, then the influence of temperature on the rupture disk performance is especially apparent, if indoor gas filling equipment in the assembly workshop, the temperature is 20 ℃ or so commonly, when the equipment is used for outdoor, in the case of summer heat, direct sunlight,Equipment internal temperatures may reach above 60 ℃, according to ideal gas state equation, when other factors such as the volume is constant, the pressure may rise by more than 13.6%, a more serious condition is that if in the low temperature in winter to fill gas handling equipment, filling pressure to the regulation, when the hot summer coming, the pressure inside the equipment relative to the low temperature rise is more apparent, and this case if the selection of blasting blasting pressure and product design rules of filling pressure ratio below 1.5 times, affect the service life of rupture discs will be exceptionally clear, so according to our experience for many years,It is generally suggested that the ratio of blasting pressure to the specified filling pressure is more than 2.0 times of the blasting pressure for power switch products, so that the service life of more than 20 years can be realized on the premise of ensuring correct selection, use, installation and protection.
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