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The bursting disc is applied and installed in chemical industry

Dec 21, 2018

When the design drawing or the product nameplate marked with a large allowable working pressure is set for the protected bearing pressure, the large allowable working pressure can be used to replace the design pressure of the bearing pressure equipment to determine the bursting pressure of the bursting disc.

Rupture discs

The design unit of the safety device for the bursting disc shall take the working conditions, structural characteristics, requirements of the using unit and similar engineering test results of the protected pressure equipment into comprehensive consideration, and reasonably determine the specification, category and type of the bursting disc in accordance with the relevant provisions.

When reducing groove is used in the design structure of the bursting disc, the length or diameter of the reducing groove should ensure sufficient discharge flow, and the design of the decreasing groove should ensure that no debris is generated after the bursting disc is exploded.

If there is a certain back pressure difference in the working conditions of the safety device of the bursting disc, the structure with frame, reinforcing ring and other accessories or other combined accessories should be adopted in the design of the bursting disc.

The design structure of the replaceable bursting disc assembly should meet the requirements of service performance and be convenient for assembly, disassembly and replacement.


The holder shall be designed, manufactured and used in conjunction with the bursting disc.

The clamping device can be designed in either of the following ways:

A) according to the design method specified in the corresponding connection flange standards;

B) design methods established through the use of experience in similar projects;

C) design method verified by pressure bearing capacity test that meets the requirements of service performance.

The design structure of the clamping device shall meet the following requirements:

A) positioning structure shall be generally installed on the clamping device to ensure correct assembly with the bursting disc;

B) the clamping device should be able to evenly transfer clamping load to make the bursting disc compressed evenly.The compacted edge of the bursting disc should not twitch during blasting, and the sealing performance of the surrounding area should be guaranteed.

C) the screw hole position preset by the clamping device should avoid the gasket between the clamping device and the flange that may affect the sealing effect, or take other measures to prove the sealing performance;

D) holder and blasting or its components after assembly, the face should be generally higher blasting of the surface of the vault, have special requirements, also to use under blasting design on the surface of the arch structure, but shall be subject to consent by the head unit using technology, and adopt suitable when protective measures to prevent the blasting piece of safety equipment in the process of storage and transportation or installation by accidental damage;

E) the clamping device shall have a clear warning sign indicating the flow direction of the releasing medium.

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