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The applicable site of bursting disc

Nov 06, 2018

(1) the working medium is the pressure vessel of the unclean gas

(2) pressure vessels whose pressure may rise rapidly due to chemical reactions of materials

(3) the working medium is the pressure vessel of highly toxic gas

(4) the medium is a pressure vessel strongly corroding the medium

Working principle of bursting disc

According to the structure type, there are mainly three types of bursting disc, namely flat plate type, direct arch type and reverse arch type.The comprehensive performance of flat type bursting disc is poor, which is mainly used for low pressure and ultra-low pressure, especially for large hopper.There are many applications of positive and reverse arch types.For the traditional arch type bursting disc, its working principle is to use the tensile strength of materials to control the bursting pressure, and the arch direction of bursting disc is consistent with the direction of pressure action.It is found that all the arch type bursting discs have the same limitation in use: when blasting, the bursting fragments will enter the discharge pipe;Because the central thickness of the bursting disc is deliberately weakened, it is easy to be blasted in advance due to fatigue.The operating pressure shall not exceed 65% of the minimum bursting pressure of the bursting disc.This leads to the appearance of reverse arch type bursting disc.This kind of bursting disc USES the compressive strength of the material to control its blasting pressure. Compared with the traditional arch type bursting disc, it has the advantages of good fatigue resistance, no debris is produced during blasting and the operating pressure can reach more than 90% of its minimum bursting pressure.In the subdivision, the anti-arch bursting disc includes the anti-arch groove, anti-arch palatal tooth and anti-arch blade.

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