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The effect of operating pressure and operating temperature on the properties of bursting disc

Aug 13, 2018

The bursting disc is temperature and pressure sensitive element, designed and manufactured according to the limit life, that is, to reach the bursting pressure, the bursting disc will be exploded instantly, without any safety coefficient.Therefore, the safety coefficient of the bursting disc depends on the ratio of the operating pressure to the minimum bursting pressure (operation ratio). The smaller the ratio, the farther the operating pressure is from the bursting pressure, the longer the service life of the bursting disc.International standards ISO4126 "Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure -- part 2" and "Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure -- part 6:Application, selection and installation of bursting disc safety devices and rupture discs related domestic standards GB150 "pressure vessel" and GB567 the blasting security apparatus are given different types of blasting maximum allowable operating ratio , if blasting actual operation ratio is less than the type of blasting pills allow operating ratio, in principle, the blasting with long life, if the actual operating ratio is greater than the allowed operating ratio, the blasting persistence will reduce the resistance,Operating pressure the nearer the minimum burst pressure, its life is short, especially the damage or corrosion products, burst pressure will drop dramatically, blasting pressure is close to actual operating pressure and products, in a long period of time under external pressure and pulse loading, product in under pressure after period of time, will be far below the factory calibration blasting pressure blasting ahead of time.

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