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Reverse Scored rupture disc Installation precautions

Nov 12, 2018

Attention: Reverse Scored rupture disc

1. The direction of pressure relief must be paid attention to when installing the bursting disc.

2. When holding the bursting disc, it is strictly forbidden to knead the arch surface of the bursting disc, and to use the finger to grip the edge of the bursting disc, so as to avoid damage to the bursting disc;

3. For the bursting disc with the positioning pin mouth, attention must be paid to the direction of the clamping device and the positioning pin mouth of the bursting disc when installing, and the pin passes through the pin mouth when assembling.

4. Sealing gaskets should be placed between the whole device and the flange. Soft sealing gaskets such as rubber, teflon and so on are not allowed.

5. If the clamping force is insufficient or not uniform, it will lead to disqualification of the cracking form of the bursting disc, affect the discharge volume, and even cause the reduction of blasting pressure.

6. It is not allowed to put gaskets or other sealing parts between bursting disc and clamping device;

7. When assembling and installing the bursting disc, make sure that the bursting disc is free from any damage. Once damaged (such as pockmarks on the arch surface), it is prohibited to use.If the bursting disc bumps or falls, the damage cannot be seen by naked eye, or it cannot be continued to be used. Otherwise, the bursting pressure of the bursting disc will be affected, leading to the blasting in advance, and the discharge opening can not be opened seriously.

8. Pay attention to the concave surface of inverted arch type bursting disc to avoid accumulation of liquid, snow, dust and other sundries;

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