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Points for attention in setting safety valve

Jun 09, 2017

(1) In the container gas, liquid two-phase material when the safety valve should be installed in the vapor phase.

(2) When the relief valve is used for discharging flammable liquid, the exit of the safety valve should be connected with the accident storage tank. When the discharging material is high temperature combustible material, its receiving vessel should have corresponding protective facilities.

(3) General safety valve can be vented in place, the vent should be higher than the operator 1 meters (m) above and should not be directed to 15 m (m) within the open flame location, the distribution of spark sites and high-temperature equipment. Indoor equipment, container safety valve vent should lead to the roof, and higher than 2 meters above the roof (m).

(4) When the safety valve inlet has the partition valve, the partition valve should be in the normal opening condition, and must be sealed, lest the mistake.

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