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Placement of explosive release plates

Jun 25, 2018

The blowout preventer can be installed on the side or top of the precipitator (depending on the mechanism of the precipitator).Please note that the filter element of the dust precipitator will affect the dust explosion process, which will hinder the detonation of the blasting plate!

A common mistake is the placement of the blowout preventer.When dust explosion, explosion open, the explosion pressure wave flow outward, the explosion pressure wave will filter or filter bag blown into the explosion venting openings, filter or filter bag block explosion, explosion, explosion caused by explosion inefficient, makes the dust explosion pressure rise, is greater than the design of dust explosion pressure value (Mr Pred), may cause filter shell deformation, even burst.

GB/T 15605-2008 standard 5.2.2 requirements: the blasting process shall not be blocked by obstacles, so the filter frame shall not cover the pressure relief outlet.If the obstruction cannot be avoided, the reasonable pressure relief efficiency should be adopted in the calculation of the pressure relief area.

EN14491 recommends that the blowout preventer be installed in an area that is not likely to be blocked, which usually means that the deflator should be placed at the bottom of the filter bag or cartridge, or that the filter bag or cartridge should be removed near the installation site of the blowout preventer.The NFPA68 standard selects different explosion volume according to the location of the explosive release plate.

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