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Operational matters relating to safety valves

Jun 09, 2017

1. To keep the safety valve clean, prevent the valve body spring, such as oily dirt or corrosion, to prevent gas safety valve discharge pipe by oil or other foreign body blockage; often check whether the seal is intact, to prevent the lever-type safety valve of the heavy hammer loose or moved, to prevent the spring-type safety valve adjustment screws are arbitrarily screwed.

2. After the safety valve has been cleaned, it must be debugged.

3. Light oil type cleaning safety valve should be selected.

4. After commissioning, the operation of the safety valve should be carefully observed.

5. When the relief valve is found to be leaking, it should be replaced or repaired in time. It is forbidden to eliminate leakage by means of increasing the load (such as tightening screws of the spring safety valve or adding heavy weights to the lever of the lever type safety valve).

6. Check the operation of the safety valve is leaking, obstruction and spring rust and other abnormal phenomenon, and pay attention to observe the adjustment screw sleeve and adjust the screw lock nut is loose, if the problem should be found in time to take appropriate measures.

7. Installed in the outdoor safety valve to take appropriate precautions to prevent rain and fog, dust, rust and other dirt intrusion safety valve and discharge pipeline, when the environment is below 0 degrees Celsius, but also to take the necessary antifreeze measures to ensure the reliability of safety valve movements.

8. In addition to complying with this procedure, the gas safety valve shall comply with the regulations of the technical supervision of pressure vessels and the safety technical supervision regulations of the relief valve (TSG Zf 001-2004).

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