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Installation of safety valve inlet and outlet piping

Jun 09, 2017

(1) The connection between the safety valve and the boiler or the pressure vessel and the through hole of the pipe fittings shall not be less than the inlet cross-sectional area of the safety valve; If a few safety valves share an inlet pipe, the flow area of the inlet pipe is not less than the inlet cross-sectional area of the safety valve.

(2) The safety valve and the boiler's steam bag, the joint box between ~-like not to install the cut-off valve, or the steam extraction tube. Between the safety valve and the pressure vessel, it is not appropriate to install the cut-off valve or other extraction pipe; for the very high, high, moderate harm, flammable, corrosive, viscous medium or precious medium pressure vessel, the use of the unit in charge of the pressure vessel technology responsible for approval, and establish a reliable preventive measures, the safety valve and pressure vessel between the installation of the cut-off valve. During the normal operation of the pressure vessel, the cut-off valve must be kept fully open, sealed or locked. The structure and diameter of the cut-off valve shall not hinder the safety release of the safety valve.

(3) The use of thread-connected spring-type safety valve, to be connected with the short pipe with the thread, and the short tube and the simplified, set the box between the welding connection.

(4) Safety valve must be fitted with discharge pipe. Exhaust pipes should try to avoid twists and turns to minimize resistance. The discharge tube should be through safe place, and have enough circulation area to ensure the discharge of steam. For a safety valve that can interact to produce chemical reactions, it is not possible to share a discharge tube; When the safety valve is installed on corrosive, combustible gas equipment The discharge should also be taken to prevent corrosion or fire explosion measures; When the installation of the safety valve is poisonous and the vapor density of the medium is greater than the air density, the medium and steam discharged from the relief valve shall be introduced into the closed system and recycled from the closed system to the production.

(5) The safety valve discharge tube must be fixed, lest causes the safety valve to produce the excessive additional stress or causes the vibration.

(6) The safety valve installed in the open air shall be provided with a reliable measure to prevent the discharge of the relief valve when the temperature is below 0oC and the moisture content in the valve is frozen.

(7) The safety valve medium crystallization temperature is higher than the lowest ambient temperature, the safety valve must have the heat preservation jacket, and installs the heat preservation blowing sweep steam, prevents the medium crystallization to obstruct the safety valve, affects the normal action performance of the safety valve. The inlet and outlet piping of the safety valve must also be designed with a steam-insulated clamp sleeve or an increase in heat-insulating steam-pipe to prevent the media from clogging the pipe.

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