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Install the bursting disc in front of the safety valve. Is the diameter of the bursting disc the same as that of the safety valve?

Jan 11, 2019

When the bursting disc is installed at the entrance of the safety valve, the pressure gauge and the relief valve must be set at the beginning of the bursting disc and the safety valve, because of improper installation of the bursting disc or other reasons.There is also the possibility of leakage and it is necessary to closely monitor the pressure of the relief valve and rupture disc.In addition, through the bursting disc sealing pressure system, the safety valve is separated from the medium, to avoid the medium corrosion of the safety valve, which can not only prevent the leakage of the safety valve, but also ensure the normal operation of the safety valve.But at the same time, it should be noted that the selected bursting disc must be non-broken, otherwise, when the bursting disc is broken, it will affect the operation of the valve.

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