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Influence of insufficient or uneven clamping force on the properties of bursting disc

Aug 08, 2018

-Influence of insufficient or uneven clamping force on the properties of bursting disc-

The reasons for insufficient or uneven clamping force mainly include the following:

1. Torque is not applied as required, or torque wrench is not installed;

2. The number of clamping flange bolts is insufficient or the bolts do not meet the corresponding standards;

3. The mounting space is limited, and the torque wrench cannot be used effectively to apply the required torque (figure 1);


4. Non-metal soft gaskets such as rubber and F4 are used between the bursting disc device and flange for sealing. The gasket becomes soft or fails after heating of the device or after a period of time, resulting in reduction of clamping force.

5. The pressure relief valve of bursting disc is in series, the gap between the relief valve inlet flange and the valve body is too small, and the bolts are bolted to the valve body, so that the torque applied cannot be effectively applied on the bursting disc device (figure 2).


6. Bolt increasing torque is not applied one by one according to the star lining sequence;

7. The inlet and outlet flanges of the bursting disc device are not parallel;

8. There is a long series safety valve or pressure relief pipe for pressure relief test of bursting disc. After the safety valve or pipe is installed and fixed, there is no guarantee that the safety valve or pipe is loose when installing bursting disc device, resulting in uneven or stiff inlet and outlet flanges.

Insufficient clamping force or not all affect the performance of the arch blasting piece, when insufficient clamping force or uneven, the rupture disk surrounding arch cannot ensure effective rigid constraints, the most direct performance for blasting blasting pressure decrease and after blasting crack morphology is unqualified, secondly on blasting has serious effects on the fatigue resistance, can reduce the fatigue resistance.

The inverted arch bursting disc is a kind of bursting disc with instability blasting. The compression stress is in the diaphragm, the convex surface is in contact with pressure medium, and the concave surface is in pressure relief measurement.When the bursting disc bears external pressure to reach the rated instability pressure, the bursting disc will turn over instantly, the concave surface of the bursting disc becomes convex, if it is a grooved bursting disc, then the bursting disc will crack along the groove instantly, if it is a sash or crocodile tooth bursting disc, the bursting disc will be cut by the upper blade or sharp tooth, and the discharge channel will open.

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