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How to maintain safety valve

Jun 09, 2017

1. The safety valve must have the device which prevents the heavy hammer to move and the guide frame which limits the lever deviance, the spring type safety valve must have the device which the lifting hand handles and prevents the adjustment screw arbitrarily to twist.

2. It should be installed vertically in the top position of the pot dealer and container. No outlet pipes and valves for steam extraction shall be fitted between the relief valve and the drum or container.

3. The connecting pipe of the safety valve and the boiler shall be not less than the inlet cross-sectional area of the safety valve. If a few safety valves are installed together in a short tube directly connected with the drum, the channel cross-sectional area of the short tube shall not be 1.25 times times the area of exhaust of all relief valves.

4. For the rated steam pressure is less than or equal to 3.82MPa Boiler, the safety valve throat diameter should not be less than 25mm; for rated steam pressure greater than 3.82MPa boiler, safety valve throat diameter should not be less than 20mm.

5. Safety valve should be installed exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe should be through the safe location, and have enough cross-sectional area to ensure smooth exhaust steam. The bottom of the relief valve vent pipe shall be provided with a drain pipe which is secured to a safe location, and the valve will not be installed on the exhaust pipe and the drain pipe.

6. The pressure vessel's safety valve is best installed directly in the pressure vessel body's highest position. The safety valve of liquefied gas tank must be installed in the gas phase area. Generally available short tube and container connection, then this safety valve short pipe diameter should not be less than the valve diameter of the relief valve.

7. The safety valve and the container generally may not install the valve, to the flammable explosive or the viscous medium the container, in order to the safety valve cleaning or the replacement convenient, may install the cut-off valve, the cut-off valve in the normal operation must open and add seals, avoids moves.

8. The rated evaporation is greater than 0.5t-Ho boilers, install at least two safety valve; The rated evaporation is less than or equal to 0.5t-Ho boilers, at least one safety valve. A safety valve must be installed at the exit of the coal Economizer and steam superheater outlet.

9. Pressure vessels for flammable, explosive or toxic media must have safety devices and recovery systems. The Lever type safety valve installment must maintain the plumb position, the spring safety valve also preferably installs vertically, lest affects its movement. The installation should also pay attention to the coordination, the part of the coaxial degree and should make each bolt evenly stress.

10. The exit of the safety valve should be free of resistance, avoid back pressure phenomenon, if the installation of discharge pipe, the diameter of the relief valve should be greater than the exit path, safety valve should be aware of the exclusion of antifreeze, flammable or poisonous, highly toxic media containers, discharge pipes should be directly to the outdoor safety site or have a proper treatment of the facilities, discharge pipe is not allowed to install any valve

11. The new safety valve should be attached with the product certification, to be carried out before the installation, to be sealed and issued safety valve check.

12. Pressure-bearing equipment and safety valve shall not be fitted with any valve, in the case of flammable, explosive, toxic or viscous media containers, in order to facilitate the replacement, cleaning, can install cut-off valve, its structure and size should not hinder the normal operation of the safety valve. Normal operation, the cut-off valve must be fully open and seal.

The safety valve belongs to the automatic valve class, mainly uses in the boiler, the pressure vessel and the pipeline, the control pressure does not exceed the stipulation value, to the personal safety and the equipment operation plays the important protection role.

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