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How rupture disc and safety valve can be used together

May 31, 2018

Rupture discs and safety valve used in series, focus on the respective advantages of the relief valve and rupture disk, to avoid the disadvantages of the two, at the same time with the blasting used alone or cannot possess the characteristics of the relief valve;System pressure after reaching burst pressure, demolition blasting, and the relief valve opens, when the system pressure drop to allow the work pressure, safety valve automatically shut down, pressure system back to normal work.1. The most important reason to consider for the continuous use of non-leaking bursting disc and safety valve is to ensure that materials do not leak out.The traditional safety valve, API526 standard, has an opening size of F or less, with a maximum allowable leakage rate of 40 bubbles per minute.The bursting disc is usually mounted between the material and the relief valve inlet for isolation.Not only will it stop air pollution (in compliance with EPA regulations), but it will also save unnecessary costs.Material leakage can cause serious waste at any time, but it can be avoided by using the blasting disc and the safety valve in series.Advantage 2. Allow the safety valve to be tested online when the bursting disc is used for isolation of the safety valve, the safety valve can be inspected online.The anti-arch bursting disc is installed on the entrance side of the safety valve. The inspection of the safety valve can be completed by only one worker.In order to ensure that no parking and completion of the inspection, need to inject air blasting with safety valve, the cavity between the air pressure cannot exceed 110% of set pressure blasting, to ensure the normal operation of the valve.3. The life of the safety valve is extended and the bursting disc is installed between the entrance of the safety valve and the process side.The bursting disc can prevent corrosive media from contacting with the safety valve to ensure the normal operation of the safety valve and the safety of the system.Because the material will not contact the safety valve, the safety valve can be guaranteed to operate in a completely new environment until the system pressure reaches the starting pressure.4. Extend the system maintenance cycle. Because materials will not touch the safety valve, the main parts of the safety valve will be in a new operating environment for a long time, and the system maintenance cycle will be extended.5. The safety valve does not have to be made of expensive material because the safety valve is insulated from the material by the installation of a bursting disc on its inlet side. Therefore, the safety valve does not have to be made of expensive material.For example, in the case of corrosive media, the bursting disc is made of expensive materials, and the safety valve can be replaced by other materials, which saves a lot of money.

1. Rated action pressure of the bursting disc must be less than or equal to the design pressure of the protected equipment;

2. The rated operating pressure of the safety valve may be equal to, above or below the rated blasting pressure of the bursting disc, but shall not exceed the maximum allowable working pressure of the container.

3.Matters needing attention

    1). According to the provisions of the ASME, when used in blasting and relief valve series, in blasting and relief valve between the need to increase Telltate Indicator for monitoring of blasting rupture or leak, monitoring devices shall include: pressure gauge and relief valve, tee, short tube, etc

    2). When the bursting disc is used in tandem with the safety valve, it is required that the bursting disc should be fragmentation-free

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