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Hengli 20 million tons/year refinery project enters equipment installation stage

Mar 26, 2018

On March 21st, Changxing Island Hengli 20 million tons/year integration project has entered the peak period of equipment arrival, and the installation of the project is in full swing. The project will enter the peak period of installation at the end of March and the on-site construction personnel will exceed 40,000. The project is planned to complete the installation and commissioning at the end of July, striving to be the first to be put into production in October and becoming the world’s first petrochemical industrial park built in the country’s seven largest petrochemical industrial bases.

While accelerating the progress of construction, Hengli Refining & Chemical made strategic framework agreements with three large central enterprises, namely PetroChina, Sinopec, and Sinochem Group, which opened the production, supply and marketing links of the project, ensured the smoothness of the rear of the plant, and created a refining industry. The new pattern of cooperation between "central enterprises + private enterprises".

While the large-scale projects are being speeded up, new projects have already been put on the agenda. In order to make full use of the by-products of the refining project and maximize the advantages of refining and chemical integration, the Hengli Group plans to invest RMB 20.978 billion to build 1.5 million tons of ethylene project for Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Chemical Co., Ltd. The construction period of the project is 2 years. According to the average price of Sinopec in 2017, the project can realize a revenue of 35.307 billion yuan and a total profit of 9.642 billion yuan. The project can make full use of raw materials such as dry gas and n-butane produced by the Hengli Refinery Integrated Project with a capacity of 20 million tons/year to maximize the advantages of refining and chemical integration. At the same time, chemical raw materials or products such as ethylene glycol, polyethylene, and polypropylene produced by the project can produce better economic benefits and meet the market demand of Hengli’s own use and surrounding areas, forming a promising petrochemical advantage. Industry chain.

The Hengli Refining and Chemicals Integration Project is a domestic integrated project that aims to build the largest scale, the longest processing flow, the highest correlation of upstream and downstream devices, and the most complex technology at one time. After the production, Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park will achieve an annual output value of RMB 300 billion, helping the Hengli Group open up a complete industrial chain of “Crude Oil—Aromatic—PTA—Polyester—Public Silk and Industrial Silk — Weaving”. Reversing the current status of the petrochemical industry in Dalian with “small oil heads and small tails”, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and boosting the rejuvenation of the northeast old industrial base.

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