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Flat Slotted rupture disc

Dec 05, 2018

The flat slotted bursting disc is a slotted bursting disc without pre-arch.The blasting pressure is controlled by the weakened structure formed between the surrounding penetration joint (or the center) and the adjacent termination hole, and the blasting tearing along the penetration joint forms the release channel.

In production, when the air contains a certain amount of organic dust, due to mechanical friction overheating, electrostatic, fire source and other factors, will cause dust deflagration, explosion.The bursting disc is widely used in: coal, mineral powder, medicine, fertilizer, plastic, grain, pigment, fiber and other organic dust processing industries。

Technical characteristics

 is suitable for low voltage, no back pressure or vacuum.

 is suitable for gas, liquid and dust in three kinds of medium.

 maximum working pressure can be up to 60% of the minimum burst pressure.


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