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Effects of operating pressure and operating temperature on the properties of bursting disc(2)

Aug 14, 2018

Under certain conditions, some types of blasting products, there may be a not entirely blasting, blasting of performance have failed, but the actual to use the model to a certain chemical equipment to LF250-0.12-20 arch type slit blasting as an example, the design of blasting pressure is 0.12 MPa, allow the burst pressure range of 0.105 ~ 0.105 MPa, the highest working pressure is 0.08 MPa, and the existence of large pressure fluctuation, the operation ratio of 76% or more, long-term operation of allowing than under pulse loading, after 90 days of use,The failure of the bursting disc was caused by the premature fatigue fracture of some short Bridges on the bursting disc.

The bursting disc is a pressure sensitive element, and the influence of temperature on it cannot be neglected.As a metal product, there must be metal product characteristics, that is, the temperature increases, the intensity decreases, thus causing the explosion pressure reduction.There are some materials and structural forms, the temperature has a great influence on the bursting disc, so the blasting pressure must be put forward, the corresponding blasting temperature must be put forward.In addition, if the bursting disc is used at high temperature for a long time, the material may creep and shorten its service life.


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