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Effect of corrosion on properties of bursting disc

Aug 17, 2018

The blasting effects of corrosion is one of the most common factors, causes of corrosion on the one hand, from the environment, in some places there are serious acid rain acid fog, etc., especially in the chemical industry, has strong corrosion medium concentration is larger, if these corrosive medium as the rain falls on the pressure side of the rupture disc, accumulated evaporation and concentration, and then continuously so repeatedly, concentration increasing, then may corrode blasting, especially in type grooved blasting notch more prone to local stress corrosion, the burst pressure of rupture disc fell sharply or leakage directly.

Corrosion reason comes from the media on the other hand, when determining the selection of blasting material, must be clear whether corrosive medium on blasting materials, used in a PVC polymerizer project of blasting as an example, the blasting material selection of nickel, brand for NI201, in normal reaction medium to nickel material basic non-corrosive, but some special process adding ammonium hydrogen carbonate as catalyst, the ammonium containing medium when the temperature reached 100 ℃ or so, when the concentration of 10%, will cause the strong corrosion to nickel, when there are low temperature, low concentration of slight corrosion.

Corrosion on blasting performance mainly embodied in two aspects, the influence of blasting is a piece of serious corrosion in contact with the medium side material, form (figure 7), "cross" weakening groove on the surface of the rupture disk in blasting through process control in the process of producing and blasting of the thinnest, where is the residual thickness of controlled blasting blasting pressure, the thinner the thickness of burst pressure is lower, so when in contact with the medium to long term, it is more serious corrosion groove portion of lead to further reduce the residual thickness, thus blow-up in situations that do not meet the burst pressure blasting ahead of time.On the other hand, due to the formation of corrosion medium on blasting materials, selection of blasting of arch, arch face on after the installation, so the medium in the process of equipment operation and blasting surface after contact, will gather along the arch height oriented clamping edge and on the edge of the clamping circle formation is more serious corrosion, strength is reduced, resulting in after the bursting of the rupture disk up along one edge of the clamping shear fall off.

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