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Design pressure determination of bursting disc

Nov 14, 2018

The design of bursting pressure is determined by the strength of the equipment.In foreign countries, such as Japan, the United States, on blasting blasting pressure is usually determined by the maximum allowable working pressure, the maximum allowable working pressure is greater than the design pressure, its reason was borrowed from the design thickness rounded up to the thickness of the steel plate standards (nominal thickness) of the actual thickness increase, the thickness increase part to improve the equipment capacity, at present our country GB150-2011 standard also adopted the rules.In addition, for equipment with low probability of overpressure, such as power equipment, some design units refer to the hydraulic test pressure when determining the bursting pressure of the bursting disc, that is, the maximum bursting pressure of the bursting disc shall not exceed the hydraulic test pressure.It can be seen that the design pressure of the bursting disc can completely exceed the design pressure of the container.

TSG ZF003-2011 "explosive device safety technology supervision regulation rules, general industry use of blasting device its service life is generally not more than 3 years, even though during the blasting does not appear problem, should also change, so generally allow blasting operating pressure is higher, sometimes allow the maximum operating pressure can be up to 90% of the minimum burst pressure blasting.Blasting for use on electric power industry, for long life, safe and reliable, does not allow any fault, and using occasion are mostly in the open air, the environment of the four seasons temperature difference and corrosion of the role for a long time, the blasting performance is influenced by many factors, some factors are sometimes uncertain or cannot be avoided, so in order to increase their life span, tended to increase the safety factor in the design, improve the blasting pressure or reduce inflation pressure, to obtain a bigger safety factor, safety coefficient and can be referred to as operating ratio, the electric power equipment in blasting, the safety coefficient is defined as the blasting design burst pressure and rated inflation pressure ratio.

As the bursting disc is temperature and pressure sensitive element, it is designed and manufactured according to the limit life, that is, to reach the bursting pressure, the bursting disc will be exploded instantly without any safety coefficient.Therefore, the safety coefficient of the bursting disc depends on the ratio of the designed bursting pressure and the operating pressure. The larger the proportion is, the longer the service life of the bursting disc will be, the fewer equipment failures will be caused, and the more satisfied users will be with the product.For power change also use blasting, must fully consider the use of blasting device of the electric power industry life lasting importance and influence factors of diversity, although the foreign power switch factory of blasting is mostly foreign famous blasting pills production factory production, but its blasting often also have high safety coefficient, which is in the long-term use of the lesson

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