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Description of the ejector pin type bursting disc device

Nov 08, 2018

The jin-rod bursting disc device is a blasting device that controls the blasting pressure by the instability principle of jin-rod. The whole set of device includes the plate bursting disc, jin-rod, flange, jin-rod supporting plate, backpressure supporting plate and other parts, and is often used in the benzene anhydride device.


1. No leak: plunger type for tablet blasting blasting device sealing parts, compared with the general type slotted rupture disc, plate blasting overall zero defect, do not need to use membrane implementation, using bolt connection through flange clamp, can achieve good sealing effect, thus ensuring blasting in normal work without leakage.

2. Fatigue resistance: the jacking disc device depends on the instability pressure of the jacking bar to control the blasting pressure of the blasting device. Therefore, when the bursting disc works, the jacking bar is subjected to compression stress, which is different from normal arch bursting disc under tensile stress.

3. Back pressure resistance: top rod type bursting disc device is equipped with back pressure support plate between the flat bursting disc and flange, which can not only prevent the deformation of the bursting disc, but also improve the anti-back pressure ability of the bursting disc.

4. Damage resistance: as the jin-type bursting disc device depends on the instability pressure of the jin-type to control the blasting pressure of the blasting device, as long as the jin-type is intact during installation and use, minor damage to the flat bursting disc or other parts will not affect the bursting pressure of the bursting disc device.

5. High temperature resistance: the jacking bar controlling blasting pressure in the jacking device is exposed to air in the process of use, and does not contact with the high temperature medium. The plate bursting disc in contact with the medium is made of metal or non-metal materials with high temperature resistance.

6. Anti-crystallization: in the jacking blasting device, the dielectric contact is the plate bursting disc, and the plate bursting disc does not control the blasting pressure of the whole set of bursting disc device. Therefore, crystallization and material accumulation on the plate bursting disc will not affect the blasting performance of the jacking blasting device.

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