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Common malfunction of safety valve

Jun 09, 2017

Discharge after the disc is not back seat: This is mainly the spring bending stem, disc mounting position is not or stuck. should be reassembled.

Leakage: In the equipment under normal operating pressure, the disc and seat sealing surface between the permissible degree of leakage. The reasons are: there is a dirt between the disc and the seat sealing surface. The valve can be opened several times using the lifting wrench, and the dirt will be washed away; According to the degree of damage, the method of grinding or turning should be used to repair the valve stem bending, tilt or lever and fulcrum deflection, so that spool and disc dislocation. should be reassembled or replaced; spring elasticity decreases or loses elasticity. Should take the replacement spring, readjust the opening pressure and other measures.

When the pressure is not open: the cause of this situation is the constant pressure is not allowed. The compression of the spring or the position of the heavy hammer shall be readjusted; The safety valve should be put on a regular basis for manual gas release or discharge test; lever-type safety valve lever is jammed or heavy hammer is moved. Re-adjust the position of the hammer and make the lever move freely.

After the exhaust pressure continues to rise: this is mainly because the use of safety valve displacement is less than the safe discharge of equipment, the appropriate safety valve should be re selected; the valve stem is not normal or the spring rust, so that the disc can not open to the proper height, should be reassembled valve stem or replace the spring, the exhaust pipe is not enough, should take the safe discharge area of the exhaust pipes.

Disc frequency jump or vibration: mainly because the spring stiffness is too large. The appropriate stiffness of the spring should be replaced, improper adjustment of the adjustment ring, so that the back seat pressure is too high. The adjustment circle position should be readjusted, and the resistance of the discharge pipeline is too large, resulting in excessive discharge backpressure. Should reduce the discharge pipeline resistance.

Less than the prescribed pressure to open: the main pressure is not allowed, spring aging elasticity decline. Adjust the screw or replace the spring properly.

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