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China Coal Group Co., Ltd. 1 MMT Synthetic Gas Methanol Technical Reform Project Review Meeting Held in Beijing

May 02, 2018

From April 17 to 18, the preliminary design expert review meeting for the 1 million tonne-to-year methanol synthesis gas technical reform project of China Coal Group Ordos Nenghua Company was held in Beijing.

The meeting invited more than 20 well-known experts in the domestic coal chemical industry, divided into five professional groups including chemical technology, public works, equipment and instrumentation, budget estimation, and long-distance pipelines to conduct discussion and demonstration on the preliminary design of the project. At the review meeting, the expert group believed that the project was realistic, economically viable, and of great significance to the sustainable development of the coal chemical industry of Ordos Nenghua and even China Coal Group.

China Coal Ordos Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 2 million tons of synthetic ammonia/3.5 million tons of urea. The project will be started in two phases. In 2013, it has completed and put into production 1 million tons of synthetic ammonia/1.75 million tons of urea project (phase 1 project). Completed part of the second phase of public facilities and all office and living facilities. According to the current market and operating conditions, the second phase of the project plans to convert synthetic ammonia and urea production to 1 million tons of methanol, which will provide MTO-grade methanol feedstock to China Coal Mengda olefin plant.

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