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BASF is holding hands with Ali. SME chemical products can be purchased online.

Apr 24, 2018

 On April 20, BASF launched its flagship store on Alibaba's 1688.com. This means that in the future, SME customers can directly purchase BASF's chemical products online while enjoying the same logistics services. The 11 products of BASF's first batch of flagship stores mainly include petrochemical products, resins, dyes, and plastic antioxidants. Vitamins, flavors and fragrances, automotive chemicals and other products will also be available soon.

“In China, SMEs account for 99% of the total number of companies and contribute 60% of GDP. Through the Alibaba platform, SME customers can access information and support faster on the Internet, making it easier and more efficient to purchase BASF products.” BASF Senior Vice President Zheng Daqing stated that it is very important to lay out an e-commerce strategy in the fast-growing Chinese market. In the future, BASF will provide customers with products and services in a more simple and convenient manner. The online sales model will serve as a powerful aid to traditional sales channels. It will not only provide convenience to existing customers, but also provide services to more small and medium-sized enterprises.

Zheng Daqing also made explanations on the logistics of hazardous chemicals. "Logistics providers who are currently serving BASF will also provide online customers with logistics services. They have been selected through strict safety, environmental protection and health standards and are qualified to transport dangerous chemicals. They will ensure that dangerous goods are transported in compliance with the regulations and the customers are relieved of their With the worries of the company, enjoy the same product information, contact information, online bargaining, offline logistics services and technical support services as traditional channels."

At present, BASF has established a complete supply chain for e-commerce processes for suppliers and customers worldwide. With 115,000 employees worldwide, BASF's global sales in 2017 amounted to approximately 64.5 billion euros. As the leading B2B online platform in China, 1688.com currently has more than 120 million registered buyers and 11 million buyers.

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