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Application for bursting Disc

May 21, 2018

Oil & Gas

Refineries surely are some of the highest-risk industrial plants: they are enormous complexes, where areas in which a sudden rise in pressure might be catastrophic are abundant – from distillation columns to exchangers to reaction chambers.

Chemical & Petrolchemical

There are many kinds of chemical plants where it is easily possible for an undesired chemical reaction to bring on an uncontrolled rise in pressure, which is not acceptble: examples may lie with desulfonation and hydrogenation reaction circuits, with chillers, and with heat exchangers. This is one of the most classic and time-tested applications of rupture discs.In these applications, where the disc must bear operating pressures very close to those requiring it to rupture, the suggested models are surely reverse rupture discs.

Food Industry

In the food industry, many bioprocesses happen – such as fermentation – which require a constant temperature, as guaranteed by a refrigeration system. Should this fail, pressure may rise uncontrollably, a fact which requires for rupture discs to be installed on bioreactors to avoid the risk of catastrophic damage. Such discs must compy with stringent hygienic norms, and be able to resist vacuum without support.

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