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Classification Of Bursting Tablets

Jun 09, 2017

The shape of the blasting piece is divided into the positive-arched blasting piece (concave compression), the reverse-arched blasting piece (convex compression), the plate-shaped blasting piece and the graphite bursting piece.

The failure type, failure type and flexural or shear fracture type of the rupture are broken by the force of the bursting plate. Tensile failure type of bursting film, the diaphragm is tensile stress, divided into: normal arch, positive arch with groove type, flat groove type, positive arch open seam type, flat open seam type. Unstable failure type bursting film, in the diaphragm, the compressive stress is divided into: the Reverse arch Belt knife type, the reverse arch crocodile tooth type, the reverse arch belt trough type curved or the shearing damage bursting piece, the diaphragm is subjected to the shearing damage: mainly refers to the whole piece material processing, like the graphite manufacture the bursting piece.

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